Russia: a target, not a superpower

Stoltenberg’s Gift Independent Ukrainian-Russian
Military Euro-Division in liberated DonBass territory.

#Призываем Всех #Здравомыслящих граждан
и военнослужащих России поддержать проект
#НАТО о создании Украинско-Российского
Евро-Дивизиона на Освобождённой территории.

#Выбор за Вами:

1. Аннексия, #санкции, позорная смерть,
или, Аренда, #Кредиты, Гордое Процветание?
2. Подлая война, вечная вендетта, позорная смерть,
или, Сильнейшее подразделение всех времён и народов?
#Trump #Tillerson #Rasmussen


by Sara Flounders, via

The corporate media’s constant use of Cold War terminology to describe the meeting of the U.S. and Russian presidents as a meeting of the “two superpowers” masks the present relationship of forces.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir V. Putin met at the Group of 20 summit on July 7 in Hamburg, Germany.

Old preconceptions and terms must be challenged in order to have an accurate view of the present international situation. Russia today, as a capitalist country, is not even a fifth-rate economic power.

The Russian economy is smaller than the economy of Brazil, south Korea or Canada. According to World Bank and International Monetary Fund measurements, Russia now ranks 12th globally in its gross domestic product. This measurement is the market value of goods and services.

Today’s Russian Federation is a vastly different state — socially, politically, economically and militarily —…

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